Saturday, 13 May 2017

Open Letter to Comrade: First Letter

Comrade, you are soon graduating from this University. Congratulations! I am glad for all kinds of success that you have achieved throughout your studies in this University. Your parents and family members will be much grateful to see you wearing academic robe and receiving scroll from the sitting convocation president.

It is unfortunate for me, however, that you will leave this University earlier than me. You have left me earlier before. I really wish that you will not leave me—at least you will share with me one phone call or one WhatsApp message, if and only if you care me, but you really need yourself. I am so valueless, and so you have decided to leave me earlier.

Therefore, farewell. I say so because I don't think of any further opportunity for us to meet and greet each other. Sorry for saying so, and for all of my past mistakes. Thank you very much for being a wonderful part of my life. I am deeply honoured to be your kind brother, your loyal friend and your faithful assistant.

I don't care, now, if you don't see me in the future. I accept this with humility, calamity and hope to Allah SWT. Let your high spirit and noble values remain with me and my fields of interest for the rest of my life, and let the Blessings of Allah SWT remain with you and your present and future family.


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