I wish not to write this article with the title mentioned above, because I am supposed to tell this story to those who wish to listen me today. There have been unforeseen circumstances, unfortunately, so I decided to speak my personal mind through keyboard.

Three years ago, exactly in my second semester, I applied for membership in Mahallah as-Siddiq Representative Committee. I have been interviewed by a board of interviewers, who accordingly satisfied with the outcome of such interview and, hence, approved my application.

The then Principal of Mahallah made me President of Mahallah as-Siddiq Representative Committee at the night of 2 February 2015. I only took and subscribed the Oath, six days later, before the Deputy Rector (Student Affairs) of the University. On that time, I attended the first (and the only) Management Course of Mahallah Resident Leaders (MCLEAD) at Batu Gajah. I escaped the second and the third MCLEAD held in Kuantan and Sepang owing to other important missions.

My service in that office continued until the name of ‘Muizz Administration’ came to my mind at the last moment of my chairmanship in Mahallah as-Siddiq General Meeting 2017. There had been three Muizz Administrations in Mahallah as-Siddiq, joined by thousands of people of this University who have taken their respective role in this residential college from top to bottom.

My last words, last 1 February, were “Terima Kasih, Cinta”. Some of those who attended Mahallah as-Siddiq General Meeting 2017 might ask me, why “Terima Kasih, Cinta”? Who is really your love?

To those who asked me this question, let me tell you: “Terima Kasih, Cinta” is not a mere phrase. It represents the love I shared with my loved ones -- particularly my parents, my real and temporal siblings, my teachers, my close comrades, and my friends. It also represents my love towards my people, my College, my University, and my homeland.

No love, no service. Because of love, I accept the call of duty. Even I have exited the mentioned office, last month, I continue to accept the call of duty. Because the people and the land needs me more than myself. In fact, the land and the people are always above me.

That’s the reason I repeatedly tell IIUM Community, particularly those living in Mahallah as-Siddiq, “I am not the only leader in this Mahallah.” Because this Mahallah does not belong to one person nor one group, and so this University. Both Mahallah and the University belong to us all, the people. Our Mahallah is our responsibility; our University is also our responsibility. We are responsible to support and defend both from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I know that I am not a soldier: no opportunity for me to wear the soldier’s uniform, nor to salute the Royal Colours, nor to wield weapons. I salute my friends who become Army, Air Force and Police cadet officers and commissioned reserve officers. They have been trained very toughly to be greater and stronger for our people and our nation.

Not being a soldier, however, does not mean that I cannot serve my land and my people, so I use ways and means available before me to serve both and satisfy both in whatever I do.

Thank Allah, service to the land and the people, no matter how small this University is, and no matter how smaller Mahallah as-Siddiq is, enable me to spread love to the people of this land, and to share with them, in my personal and professional capacity, friendship, brotherhood and even care. And I am proud that I managed to do the best I can do all this while, especially during the period of my service in that public office.

Numerous successful records that I have achieved personally and professionally proved that love matters. My land and my people must be proud of those successes, because they do not solely belong to me. Those successes belong to both my land and my people. And I wish not to repeat those success stories because I have mentioned them repeatedly during and after the third Muizz Administration. 

My journey is yet to end. I will continue working with and for the land and the people through possible ways and means. Because I love both my land and my people more than I love myself.

And, yes, this is Malaysia, where love begins and continues to spread all over the country and the world. It is, indeed, extraordinary because of its ability to unite us all whatever befall us and its capability of retaining the comradeship and brotherhood that we have created since.

“Terima Kasih, Cinta.” I am deeply grateful to Allah SWT for each second given to me to be by your side, personally and professionally. I am also highly honoured, as I am, to share my personal and professional love with one and all of you. 

My prayer has never changed: May Allah retain the general and specific love I shared with you all this while for the rest of my life, and may Allah continue to share His True Love with you through His Blessings, Guidance, Grace and Mercy.