Say "No" to North Korea

As a citizen of Malaysia, I must congratulate the Malaysian Government for all measures taken following the murder of North Korean Kim Jong-nam on 13 February 2017.

Since the first moment the murder was reported, the Malaysian Government has been working very hard to find the truth, uphold justice, retain the rule of law and, at the same time, take good care of Kuala Lumpur-Pyongyang relationship.

Although one Indonesian woman and one Vietnamese woman were convicted of murder at Sepang Magistrate’s Court, days ago, Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) continues to investigate the case, and I am personally sure that PDRM continues giving the best to solve the case and conclude the finding.

The Malaysian Government, at the same time, remains refusing anyone other than the next of kin of the deceased to claim his corpse despite arising pressure imposed by North Korean leadership; and I must salute the Malaysian Government for this decisive measure.

Malaysia, since the premiership of Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, has been a peaceful, free and neutral country, and North Korea must know that Malaysia will remain as it is for years to come, because we -- the people -- love peace, freedom and neutrality.

Malaysia, as a sovereign state, has its own authority towards its states and territories and, thus, has its own Constitution and laws made under the same. Not only the people of Malaysia are bound by such rules and regulations, but also everyone in the world entering Malaysia for various purposes.

The best conclusion for the murder of Kim Jong-nam is only to let the Malaysian Government, particularly PDRM, to solve the case and uphold justice without disturbance and hindrance from any local or international individual or organisation. North Korean leadership and diplomatic battalion in Malaysia, at the same time, are urged to give full cooperation towards the investigation.

Unfortunately, North Korea, after years of the third Kim’s ‘reign’, become more brutal than before. Kang Chol not only condemn the Malaysian Government’s endeavour to deeply investigate the case, but also tells their request to be represented in the investigation -- because they, the North Koreans, believed in Juche and so believed in no one but themselves only.

Malaysia continues to stand firmer and stronger whatever occurred during the investigation. Minister of Foreign Affairs not only censure the nonsense claim, but also say “Annyeong” to Kang Chol for his bad diplomatic conduct in Malaysia.

Days prior to the expulsion, the same Minister asked Ambassador Mohamad Nizan Mohamad to say “Annyeong” to Pyongyang for further consultation -- who cremains safe in his homeland after being expelled by North Korean leadership.

Today, Malaysians in North Korea are “held in ransom” by North Korean leadership “for the Malaysian Government’s failure of properly solving the murder of Kim Jong-nam”. We -- the people of Malaysia -- condemn such barbaric action.

Although the Malaysian Government closed Malaysian exit doors to DPRK nationals in Malaysia until the safety of Malaysians in DPRK is assured, I remain saying “No” to North Korea -- because North Korean leadership shall never be trusted by anyone in the world.

They have harmed countries at the vicinity of Asia and Pacific by launching numerous nuclear missiles, so they might harm innocent Malaysians in their soil, only to defend the dignity of DPRK’s own national murdered in our homeland.

Once North Korea harms a Malaysian, His Majesty, with the Parliament consent, may declare war against DPRK and call Malaysian foreign allies to fight for Malaysia and with the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Such choice, however, must be strictly avoided -- because we love independence. After six decades of Malaysian serenity and Malaysian people’s unity, Malaysia shall remain indefinitely independent.

If Malaysia need to break off diplomatic relations with North Korea, Malaysia may do so -- and we, Malaysians, will support not only this move, but further moves leading to the continuous sovereignty of Malaysia and authority of its people: because we love peace and prosperity, and we love good diplomatic friends and not the bad ones.

North Korea, after 43 years of friendship with Malaysia, has benefited much from Malaysia but brought no but less benefit to Malaysia. If even our Minister of International Trade and Industry claimed the investment of some billions between two countries, the friendship has lost its real meaning. Because North Korea, through its diplomatic actions towards Malaysia, proved indirect hostility with Malaysia.

If North Korea is good with Malaysia, it will not bring to Malaysia and use in Malaysia, for whatever reason, a chemical weapon prevented by international law. It will not also open a company in Malaysia to sell globally-unauthorised defence materials. It will not even conduct an operation planned to vanish those against the third Kim and his dictatorship out of its demilitarised border.

Whatever conclusion the Malaysian Government will make towards the murder of Kim Jong-nam, I believe that justice will be upheld for the victim and his kin.

As a proud Malaysian, I share the same and constant prayer with the rest of Malaysians: May the Protection of Allah SWT continue to shield Malaysia and its people from all enemies, foreign and domestic; and may the Blessings, Grace and Guidance of Allah SWT dwell in the heart of Malaysia and its people forever.

Photo courtesy of Astro Awani