Joint Communique

We are highly glad to meet and greet each other to mark the start of term of our present Mahallah Representative Committees. The main purpose of our meeting is to maintain the relationship of our respective Mahallah and to help each other to succeed further through the sharing of ideas and experiences.

As good friends, our Mahallat are grateful towards each other for the spirit of diplomacy and brotherhood that we have formally established in the mid of April 2015. Therefore, we reiterate our commitment to strengthening and maintaining this connection, and to keeping the progress of our diplomatic relationship for years to come.

As the same, we noted our strengths and weaknesses and, subsequently, exchanged our views on the means we can use to maintain our strengths and improve our weaknesses. We, at the same time, pledge to help ourselves to the best of our ability to ensure the significant advancement for our respective Mahallah, especially in term of the care of the people and the organisation of Mahallah activities.

As two siblings in IIUM My Family, we noted the current state of relationship between the people of both IIUM Gombak and Kuantan Campuses and, hence, welcomed and encouraged any effort leading to the maintenance of the familyhood of both IIUM campuses, especially the organisation of intercampus activities.

As a part of IIUM Community, we noted on the current situation in the State of Rakhine, Myanmar, where Rohingya Muslims are being disadvantaged. As we believe that Rohingya Muslims deserve the similar and sufficient human rights with the rest of the people around the world, we join our Federal Government and our fellow countrymen in sharing with Rohingya Muslims our unreserved support and solidarity.

President, MRC Khalid al-Walid
IIUM Kuantan Campus

President, MRC as-Siddiq
IIUM Gombak Campus

3 December 2016