Because We Love Thee, Smiling Land!

"To all members of the University Community, let me leave you with the following words: Stay united in diversity. Regard each of us as brother and sister. Preserve the peace and prosperity that we have created and shared together all this while. Don’t let aliens determining our future. Support the planning and development of our land and our people by all possible ways and means. Make us great again!"

Inauguration Day’s Story

I never realise that 2 February 2015 would be so historic for me. That was the day the City of Kota Kinabalu commemorated the 15th Anniversary of its Incorporation. That was also the day I was admitted to the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Mahallah as-Siddiq Representative Committee (MRC as-Siddiq) as the President.

I wished to be the Secretary, on that day, so I could continue my clerical and secretarial practice in this University, but this Mahallah and this University was in favour of my capability in leadership and management based on my previous records, so I was invited to assume the Chair and take the command.

Sharing the Values

I told everyone present in Mahallah as-Siddiq General Meeting 2015, once I accept this invitation, “I am not the only leader in this Mahallah.” Even at this time, how I wish that all parts of this Mahallah mean this principle very much – because this is our Mahallah. This Mahallah belongs to us all. Our Mahallah is our responsibility. We are jointly responsible in determining the peace and prosperity for our land and our people.

As an important part of this Mahallah, I have tried my best to realise the meaning of “Generating the True Hope” – and so I wished so much. As the same, I am grateful that all teammates in this Mahallah – and this University, at a larger scale – have been with me throughout 675 days of my service in this office, not only in turning this notion to a reality, but also in helping this University to succeed further.

Records since 2015

I am proud that, after 675 days, this Mahallah has been successful in providing social and technical supports to hundreds of residents; not only through day-to-day operations carried out by our dedicated staff members, but also scholarships, financial reductions and exemptions, food coupons and other assistances created by this University and other external parties to assist students who are in need.

In addition to the success of this Mahallah, since February 2015, in conducting more than 60 meetings and 25 activities involving an expense amounting approximately RM 43,000, this Mahallah has created significant achievements in at least 5 areas, namely Islamic development, politics, diplomacy and foreign relations, leadership and community service.

Our success in those areas include the formal establishment of the University Student Leaders’ Assembly and the University Council of Nuqaba’ and Naqibaat of Usrah Mahallah, the issuance of Kuala Kubu Bharu Declaration on Usrah Mahallah, and the organisation of 3 large-scale activities reflecting the people’s concern towards health, education, and environment.

Not to forget, our success in re-establishing and maintaining relationship with all Mahallat in IIUM Kuantan Campus, providing the best to our local and international guests who had been visiting our Mahallah for various purposes, and the University’s formal and informal recognition towards our contributions, leadership and values.

In fact, we have created more than these success stories individually and collectively since last year. Congratulations to Mahallah as-Siddiq Team!

Continuing the Success

These achievements prove that the role of this Mahallah has changed, beyond its essential roles to take care of residents’ needs, and to organise activities for the benefit of residents. This Mahallah has been involved directly, not only in providing wider political opportunities to the people of this University, but also in providing all Mahallat with the right way to interpret Islamisation.

However, we cannot be negligent and complacent with the impact that we have generated all these days. Don’t limit the meaning of success in just 5 activities involving the participation of all Mahallat, and don’t limit our commitments towards only 5 selected areas. As a responsible authority, our commitments have been – and will be always – beyond areas that we have explored together.

As a caring organisation, welfare is always – and should be always – our first priority. Before we can bring the people to the ground for beneficial activities, we shall continue ensuring the people’s right to experience excellent services and quality facilities. I am pleased that, to the best of our ability, we have done so and will continue to do so, more than what we have done so far, for our people.

We should not forget sports as well as art and culture, two fields which all Mahallat are competing for almost every year. To make this Mahallah more successful in these fields, we, the leaders, shall offer extensive and continuous encouragements to our people; not only to involve them in each series of IIUM Sports Carnival and Inter Mahallat Cultural Week, but also to provide trainings and enhancements which involve concerned people to sharpen their skills in both fields.

We should not forget entrepreneurship too; not because of the national aspiration, as per our National Higher Education Blueprint 2015-2025, to produce graduates with entrepreneurial mind, but the need of each individual to build a better life – and better economic and social landscape for our people – in the near future.

Above all is always education, the essence of everyone’s life. While we are busy in exercising our duties and responsibilities towards our University and its community, try our best not only to score high and get a high class of degree, but also to help the others to achieve. At the same time, don’t forget to enhance ourselves through trainings and courses organised for the purpose of upgrading our capacity in balancing our role as a student and a voluntary servant of this University.

Ending the Long Service

That’s all the comprehensive conclusion of my service to this University and its community in the office of the President of IIUM as-Siddiq College, the office I entered, 675 days ago, with nothing but little experience and knowledge I gained from IIUM Petaling Jaya Campus, where I served as the Vice Secretary of MRC Abu Bakr for 304 days, starting on 3 July 2012.

My Statement of Intent circulated internally on 10 November 2016 is still standing – and I will not take it back from our College logbook. I am leaving this office “to allow someone else to take the Chair and continue all struggles this Mahallah is facing.”

On the first day of February 2017, the University will install the new President of this College. On that day, he will assume the Chair, take the command, read all things left for him and restart the Majlis of our Mahallah with his own way.

Before I introduce my successor to this University, let me tell all of you: This is not the office of prestige and honour, but trust and responsibilities provided by the people. To enter this office is not easy. To hold this office is even harder then to enter it. There have been challenges coming from various angles, all these days, which some of them – regrettably – I failed to forecast.

I humbly apologise for all failures occurred throughout my leadership, and for all faults and mistakes I did in my personal and professional capacity, directly and indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, all these days. I have tried my best to be a pious Muslim, a true Malaysian, a good student, an obedient servant, an affectionate teacher, a listening leader, a loving comrade and a caring friend – and I continue doing so for the rest of my life.

To my successor, and the rest who will stay with him, let me advise you: Stay encouraged. Continue the success that we have created together. Explore and generate new opportunities. Bring more people to the arena. Work with them for the next meaningful achievement.

To all members of the University Community, let me leave you with the following words: Stay united in diversity. Regard each of us as brother and sister. Preserve the peace and prosperity that we have created and shared together all this while. Don’t let aliens determining our future. Support the planning and development of our land and our people by all possible ways and means. Make us great again!

At the same time, lend our hearts and hands to the disadvantaged peoples all over the world, including our Muslim brothers in Palestine, Syria, Yemen and Myanmar. Share with them some Ringgits or other things that will help them to struggle or, at least, survive. Try our best to defend their rights and future. Pray for their victory against their enemies in the near future.

Thank You

Before you may do so, I wish to take this chance to thank everyone for whatever they have contributed to me, this Mahallah and this University, since the first day of my service in this office.

To my parents and siblings, thank you very much for everything you have sacrificed for me all my life. I will not be in this land and with my people unless with your continuous and sincerest prayers, advices, supports and thoughts. To my extended family members, teachers, close comrades and friends, thank you very much for whatever you have shared with me long since.

To my teammates in this Mahallah – the Principal, the Assistant Manager, Fellows and Resident Officers, officials, resident representatives, Nuqaba’ of Usrah, block leaders and executive residents, past and present; for your willingness to cooperate with me in making this Mahallah “Always the Truth”, I owe all of you very much.

To my teammates in this University – especially the Students’ Representative Council, Student Leaders’ Assembly and Mahallah Representative Coordination Committee, past and present; thank you very much for each honour bestowed in me throughout these days. It has been a great pleasure for me to lend you my hands.

To my colleagues and students of Sekolah Menengah Sains Sabah, the only school I have served so far, thank you very much for each privilege you give me all my days of services. I am overwhelmed to be a part of that school for some days, where I can do more and achieve more.

To my ‘siblings’ from both IIUM Gombak and Kuantan Campuses, and from the vicinity of Malaysia, whose names I am not able to mention one by one, thank you very much for being a meaningful part of my personal and professional life.

Last but not least, to all members of IIUM Community, particularly those who have been working with me at all events, thank you very much for your assistance and encouragement given to me all this while.

Leaving the Office

As I leave this Chair for the last time, let me say the following: I am so proud that my teammates, in most extents, have been performing better than me. In hundreds of days, they proved to this Mahallah and this University that they are really able to lead and represent this Mahallah and this University in whatever they do.

I am also proud that my people has been so concerned, hardworking, and cooperative towards this Mahallah and this University. Their concern has been the reason we are working very hard to meet the people’s demands. Their hard work and cooperation have been leading to the success of this Mahallah and this University in realising their Vision and Mission.

My wish is for the continuous success of this Mahallah and this University under the new leadership. I believe that, with the spirit we have gained all these days, and with wide knowledge and experience we have found since last time, the next journey will be more momentous, wonderful and successful for all of you and our people.

Although I will be no longer in this office – and, hence, will consider not to accept any but legislative office, I am still in this University for another year. Rest assured; my allegiance and support to this University will remain for months and years to come – because, “We love thee. We love thee. We love thee, smiling land!”

My Successor

In accordance with Section 14 (1) (a) of Mahallah as-Siddiq Representative Committee Constitution, I invite Br. Bukhari bin Isahak to take the Chair as the President of our Mahallah Representative Committee on Thursday, 2 February 2017.

May Allah bless us. May Allah bless the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue, forever more!

President, Majlis of Mahallah as-Siddiq
International Islamic University Malaysia

Mahallah as-Siddiq Executive Meeting 13/2016
Wednesday, 7 December 2016, 10.00 pm
Mahallah as-Siddiq Meeting Room, IIUM, Gombak, Selangor