Unlimited Success

I take this opportunity to congratulate all Mahallat for the success of IIUM Sports Carnival (ISC) 2016 and the success of everyone involved and participated in ISC 2016. I salute brothers of Mahallah Zubair and sisters of Mahallah Salahuddin for the Overall Championship of ISC they maintained for the second time. I salute also all Mahallat for all medals they obtained after a long struggle. 

I take same opportunity to congratulate all members of Mahallah as-Siddiq Team for each success created in the recently-concluded IIUM Sports Carnival (ISC) 2016. I am proud that each member of this Team, being a part of either ISC 2016 Central or Contingent Committee, had been working very hard to make sure ISC 2016 a history for the University and us all.

Congratulations also this Mahallah for getting 4 silvers and 4 bronzes in ISC 2016. After days and nights of trainings and enhancements, these are the results. We thank all of our athletes for these records. Although this Mahallah got no gold for this time, this Mahallah managed to get overall 8 medals instead of 5 this Mahallah got in ISC 2015.

In fact, the end of ISC 2016 is not the end of our struggle. Our University Rector was true once she said, in ISC 2016 Closing Ceremony, “Learn from the success stories that we have created in this series of ISC individually and collectively. Be motivated from those success stories, so we can continue creating more achievements in the future.”

ISC itself, in reality, is not the only place where the success could be created by all members of IIUM Community living in IIUM campuses, and so MRC Leadership Training, Inter Mahallat Cultural Week, Mahallah Quality Award and STADD Activity Awards. There are more platforms and opportunities provided by us all to achieve the success in our own way.

I, therefore, offer myself and all members of the Team the following advice: Stay encouraged. Give ourselves opportunities for improvement. Think for the next success. Involve more people to create the next achievement. Use the right ways and means to make us great again in all we do.

At the same time, I wish to propose that, next year, this Mahallah organises periodic sport development programme for our athletes (and the rest of our Mahallah residents); not to replace each gold we lost in ISC 2016, but to help this University to produce more capable athletes in all types of sports.

Above all, improvements are not about how bad we are, but about how far we can go in the future. On that reason, let us remain “Always the Truth” and continue going “One Step Forward” towards “Generating the True Hope”; because this Mahallah is ours; she believes in our capability to create more achievements in the future.

She will be smiling again, one day, and so we pray to Allah – not only for this, but for the continuous success for our Mahallah and our University.

May Allah bless us all.

May Allah bless the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue, forever more!