Spearheading the People's Cause

"Our struggle towards "Generating the True Hope" doesn’t end yet. We will continue the struggle. With hearts and hands, we will act as "All for One" and as "One for All". At the end, it is not only about advocating our people’s fortune, but seeking the Grace and Pleasure of Allah SWT for us all and our people."


Allow me to start this New Hijri Year and my twenty-third (23rd) year of life, according to Hijri calendar, to thank the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) very much for the honour bestowed in me to represent my Mahallah for the fourth (4th) time since my admission to this University, 4 years ago.

Allow me, at the same opportunity, to inform this Assembly: how deep the pleasure I have to serve this University in the office of the President of Mahallah as-Siddiq Representative Committee (MRC as-Siddiq) for the third (3rd) term.

In fact, the chair I hold for almost 2 years does not signify prestige and honour, but duties and powers; responsibilities and trusts put in me by the University and its people. Aware of this reality, I reiterate my pledge to retain my true loyalty to the University according to law, and serve this land and its people to the best of my ability.

Reality of Mahallah as-Siddiq

Today marks the formal start of term of our service to the land and its people. Let me take this moment to inform the Assembly and the rest of this University the following:

NUMBER ONE: Mahallah as-Siddiq is not as bad as the people think. Being the oldest residential college in this Campus does not reflect the state of being the worst. In reality, our Mahallah managed to do its best to ensure working lamps and fans, functional doors and windows, orderly desks and beds and comfortable restroom. This is due to the best dedication rendered by our Mahallah Coordinator and Mahallah Technician, who have been attending hundreds of work orders all these days.

I am sure that all members of the Assembly and the entire people of this Mahallah would join me in thanking both of them very much for every technical support they have rendered to this land and our people long since. I am positive that, with our people’s prayer and support, they will continue ensuring the betterment of facilities and amenities available in this residential college for years to come.

NUMBER TWO: Mahallah as-Siddiq is yet to fail. Our slow pace, last time, and the victory of other Mahallat in numerous inter-Mahallat competitions, do not define our defeat in our struggle. In reality, we are creating the success at our own stage.

Our Mahallah, throughout the previous term, organised 8 activities, including 3 activities involving collaboration. These, however, exclude 2 activities organised centrally for all Mahallat and a courtesy visit paid to this Mahallah by an international guest from Bangladesh, last mid-February.

Our Mahallah, at the same time, convened 9 Mahallah Executive Meetings and 11 MRC Ordinary Meetings. Not to forget, our Mahallah was able to convene 6 Usrah sessions with a significant improvement on the attendance of participants.

In actuality, our Mahallah have been achieving more that what I announced, especially in leadership, debate and oratory, art and culture, business and food industry. Recently, for example, under the leadership of this Mahallah, Nuqaba Training 2016/2017 witnessed the issuance of the Kuala Kubu Bharu Declaration on Usrah Mahallah.

Congratulations to those who have been with us in creating these records. This land and its people must be very proud of them and these achievements. These records are all the results of our continuous effort in turning the vision and mission of this Mahallah and the University to reality.

However, we cannot too negligent and complacent with everything this Mahallah achieved. These achievements are already historic, so we are fully responsible, from this time forward, of going further and creating new history for ourselves, our land and our people.

Next Deliberations

For the rest of the year, I expect that this Mahallah will deliver the following:

NUMBER ONE: Usrah Mahallah.

As a key institution of Islamic development in this University, we will continue our commitment towards restoring Islamic environment in this Mahallah by promoting Islamic lifestyle and culture. We will do this in Usrah Mahallah, with a better target of participation and more improvements in delivering Usrah modules which will be set by Mahallah Nuqaba’ Committee.

Even so, our duties towards Usrah Mahallah do not stop there. Starting from this academic year, our Mahallah will be the Leader of Usrah. Luckily, we have something to start this role. Kuala Kubu Bharu Declaration on Usrah Mahallah, done on 25 September, has been a guiding document for this Mahallah to support other Mahallah in bringing Usrah one step forward.

We will be activating the Council of Nuqaba’ and Naqibaat of Usrah in due course. Comprising of Chief Nuqaba and Naqibaat of Usrah from all Mahallat, this Council, upon its formal establishment, will be a body that supports the drive of Usrah and coordinates matters relating to Usrah activities in all Mahallat.

NUMBER TWO: Community care.

As a ‘micro state’ with a population of some 840, we are committed towards: (1) ensuring orderly amenities and facilities inside and outside residential rooms; (2) continuing channelling the people to support services; and (3) helping the needy people to survive through all means.

We will restore Block Representative Committee in all blocks. This is to allow more information regarding these services to be channelled directly to residents of the respective block, to let smooth services to take place at the respective block, as well as to enable the drive of Emergency Response Team, which will serve as a body to control safety and security of this Mahallah and its people.

We will also continue working very closely with all parties, especially Student Affairs and Development Division (STADD), Residential and Services Department (RSD) and Students’ Representative Council (SRC), through all possible means, to ensure that our people could live sufficiently, conveniently and comfortably.


IIUM Sports Carnival (ISC) 2016 is around the corner, so we need to start our action immediately. I expect that our Mahallah will set new target for this series of ISC, search for competitive athletes and competent managers, arrange intensive trainings for our sports groups and monitor their progress.

At the central level, we are committed towards making this series of ISC a success. Accordingly, I expect that central committee members representing our Mahallah will deliver their duties and responsibilities to the best of their ability. Prepare yourself very well and enjoy this ISC.

NUMBER FOUR: Economic development.

We are now in the challenging era. More students are graduating from universities, colleges and high schools; while job opportunities, if they are even expanding, are limited.

Federal Ministry of Higher Education has come out with an alternative to overcome this current situation. It is the First Shift of our National Education Blueprint 2015-2025 for Higher Education, to produce holistic, entrepreneurial and balanced graduates. Much efforts have been put by various parties in this University in order to drive this Shift.

One of them is Mahallah Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Training (MEET) 2016 which will be organised by the Council of Principals of Mahallat (COPs) on a date to be determined. I expect that this Mahallah will do the best and learn entrepreneurial skills from MEET, so as to produce people with entrepreneurial mind in this land.

On a side note, I wish to inform this Assembly that there have been ideas relating on entrepreneurship expressed by our Majlis members. I look forward for further discussions on those ideas, and their translation to reality.

On another side note, I wish to inform this Assembly that any business we conduct inside and outside this University should be free from scams and frauds. Don’t let anyone of us participate in those activities.

NUMBER FIVE: Support for central student bodies.

The role of MRC has changed since the start of my presidency. MRC is no longer organising activities for residents and represent residents in getting their rights and freedoms only. MRC has been doing more that what it did before, especially in making and reviewing policies, and supporting the leadership of SRC and other student bodies in this University.

Last semester, this University witnessed the first meeting of the University Student Leaders’ Assembly (ISLA). It was made a success, last April, by every parties involved in its success, including SRC and this Mahallah. On that note, I owe SRC very much for their commitment towards establishing ISLA in the last 5 years. I owe ISLA as well for sending me to the seat of the Deputy Speaker, last February.

While we are looking forward for the endorsement of the University Management Committee towards resolutions passed by ISLA, we look forward to continue supporting SRC, especially ISLA Secretariat, in holding the second meeting of ISLA. To allow the smooth handovers in numerous student bodies and the smooth conduct of ISC, we suggest that such meeting to take place as early as the end of Week 12 of this Semester.

Remembering the Goal

These reflect the priorities of this Mahallah for the rest of 2016. In fact, we have to act beyond these priorities. The reason is crystal clear: our people continues counting on us individually and collectively. What they want from us, their leaders, are “excellent services, quality facilities and beneficial activities” that will help them to be the Champion of the University Community.

Our struggle towards “Generating the True Hope” doesn’t end yet. We will continue the struggle. With hearts and hands, we will act as “All for One” and as “One for All”. At the end, it is not only about advocating our people’s fortune, but seeking the Grace and Pleasure of Allah SWT for us all and our people.


To end my thoughts, allow me to take this opportunity to extend my heartiest appreciation to my parents, family members, teachers and friends – whenever and wherever they are – for all of their prayers, advices, supports and thoughts they have shared with me long since. Otherwise, I will not be able to assume this chair.

I also would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the Rector, the Deputy Rector (Student Affairs), the Principal and my Mahallah team mates for all encouragements given to me all this while. The success of this Mahallah is because of your commitment towards the betterment of this Mahallah.

Let us push the ‘Restart’ button, with a deep hope that we will be able to lead, represent and serve our people to the best of our ability.

May Allah bless the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue, forever more!

President, Majlis of Mahallah as-Siddiq
International Islamic University Malaysia

3 October 2016