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Spearheading the People's Cause

"Our struggle towards "Generating the True Hope" doesn’t end yet. We will continue the struggle. With hearts and hands, we will act as "All for One" and as "One for All". At the end, it is not only about advocating our people’s fortune, but seeking the Grace and Pleasure of Allah SWT for us all and our people."
Allow me to start this New Hijri Year and my twenty-third (23rd) year of life, according to Hijri calendar, to thank the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) very much for the honour bestowed in me to represent my Mahallah for the fourth (4th) time since my admission to this University, 4 years ago.
Allow me, at the same opportunity, to inform this Assembly: how deep the pleasure I have to serve this University in the office of the President of Mahallah as-Siddiq Representative Committee (MRC as-Siddiq) for the third (3rd) term.
In fact, the chair I hold for almost 2 years does not signify prestige and honour, but du…