Commemorating ASEAN

Happy ASEAN Day to the ASEAN Community!

Embrace the pride and gratitude in our heart. After 49 years of establishment, ASEAN has become stronger than before; not only because of the significant development marked by the region, but also the establishment of the ASEAN Community which enable citizens of ASEAN Member States to contribute to ASEAN through possible means.

ASEAN has been meaningful for all Member States and their peoples. ASEAN does not only signify its Member States’ ability to contribute to the regional political stability, economic development and sociocultural enhancement, but also their loyalty and commitment towards peace and prosperity.

As a citizen of an ASEAN Member State, we are so fortunate for having ASEAN leaders who work continuously to maintain the stability of our region. Still, we cannot let them to drive ASEAN by their own. As a member of the ASEAN Community, our ASEAN is our responsibility. We are responsible for the development and future achievement of ASEAN.

That’s the reason all in ASEAN have to continue their direct and indirect contribution to ASEAN by all means. As a part of our community, we are committed not only towards realising the mission of our community and our country, but also towards making the ASEAN Way relevant for our region and our world at large. Therefore, we will continue promoting the values brought and thought by ASEAN, and to translate them in our policies and activities.

Next year, ASEAN will be turning 50. While we are waiting the time to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of ASEAN, we will continue following the ASEAN Way, where “we dare to dream” and “we care to share”. Together we contribute the best we have for ASEAN; may the peace and prosperity be with ASEAN for months and years to come.

Photo courtesy of Global Risk Insights LLP