Peace and Friendship

(in conjunction with Kaamatan Festival 2016)

Peace and friendship is two of keys of unity and integration. As a team, we are responsible of establishing and sustaining both in our zone of responsibility. Peace and friendship we experienced together all this while is because of the Grace and Pleasure of Allah. We thank and praise Him very much for these gracious grant.

Peace is the reason that everything is in order. Friendship, at the other side, is the cause that enable us to maintain the strength we have, maintain the unity and integration we establish, and sustain the success we create together.

Peace and friendship were made possible by our undivided self-confidence, unlimited mutual understanding, unconditional respect and unreserved love.

Peace and friendship were made possible – as well – by our readiness to lead the people, our willingness to serve the zone of responsibility and our enthusiasm to create a better future for ourselves, our people and our zone of responsibility by all possible means.

Culture is one of the them. Although culture makes us different, culture makes us united at the end, out of our ability to understand and appreciate its uniqueness and value in our daily life as an individual and as a part of the community.

On that point, “Peace and Friendship” was chosen as the 2016 Harvest Festival theme in Sabah. Such theme is introduced not only to commemorate the role of culture in maintaining both peace and friendship, but also to remind us how important are both in continuing our individual and collective success in all fields.

Whenever and wherever we are, and whatever befall us in the future, we should remember: peace and friendship can bring us faster and further; not only through culture, but also through other means: welfare, economic empowerment, social enhancement, political reconciliation and education.

Together we continue, with hearts and hands, utilise all means not only to serve the importance of peace and friendship, but also – more important – to continue leading our land and our people towards the peak of success.