IIUM Student Leaders' Assembly: Another Success for IIUM

3 April 2016, for the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), is obviously historic; not only for IIUM itself, but also for Malaysia and the world. After some 5 years of struggle, IIUM turned their dream of having a Student Parliament, called IIUM Student Leaders’ Assembly (ISLA), to a reality.

That was the day the Rector of IIUM, Professor Dato’ Sri Dr. Zaleha binti Kamaruddin, launched ISLA. That was also the day ISLA took place in IIUM Gombak Campus for the first time after 33 years of the establishment of IIUM.

That was also the day we wrote in history’s page: that IIUM becomes the fourth public university in Malaysia and the first international Islamic university in the world having its own Student Parliament; and that IIUM becomes the first public university in Malaysia convening its Student Parliament in English.

The establishment of ISLA has been made possible not only by the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), but also by each and every one struggling and working for it. We congratulate them for their success in establishing and convening ISLA. We thank them very much as well for sending their ideas, experiences and efforts to ISLA all this while. Without their passion, support and encouragement, ISLA would be nothing.

Today, ISLA has been more than an important part of this University. The establishment of ISLA, comprising of 146 members representing SRC and other 120 constituencies, reflects the need of this University to reform its student government system. It also represents the need of this University to establish a legislative body in its student government instead of only having a well-established executive body.

The establishment of ISLA is very crucial for the University. ISLA, taking place as the ‘second’ Senate of this University, is a forum where all issues surrounding IIUM Community could be discussed; be it internal or external; social, political or economic. ISLA is also a forum where all rules and policies imposed on students could be scrutinised and be debated for further improvement and enhancement.

Everyone being a part of IIUM Community is expected to benefit from ISLA directly and indirectly. Members are expected to gain more leadership and social skills in ISLA, where they can contribute to ISLA by expressing their ideas, sharing their experiences and conducting negotiations among each other with decorum.

The rest of IIUM Community are expected to obtain some benefits from ISLA also. They are free to tell everything they need to tell their respective representative on an issue surrounding them, so that he or she can convey his constituents’ wishes to ISLA for further consideration.

Thank Allah; 3 April marked another history for ISLA, where all 11 motions had been approved, which most of them went through a long and comprehensive debate. We are all happy for that. However, we cannot be too complacent with this news. There will be another process that those resolutions need to go through -- ratification and endorsement by the University authority. We wish that the University authority will consider all the resolutions approved by ISLA for the betterment of this University.

As a part of ISLA, I am proud that I am a part of the history of this University, Malaysia and the world. Even so, the history we created together is not to be mentioned or remembered, but to be learnt continuously by the future generation.

As a part of ISLA, I tried my best to give the best to ISLA and everyone working for it; and I did it to the best of my ability. Alhamdulillah; at this stage, ISLA presented the best it had. That was the result of a long journey of success went through by all involved parties.

ISLA cannot stop there. Malaysia and IIUM Community is looking forward for the next sitting of ISLA in the near future, where its members can continue discussing more issues surrounding students and continue joining the people’s aspiration to this University: towards a better future community equipped with applied knowledge and virtue.

Whoever and wherever we are in this University, this is our ISLA. ISLA shall endure whatever befall this University. IIUM Community, at the other side, shall remain standing as one, going towards generating the true hope. As long as we are in this University, we will remain standing and going forward as one.

Onward march together. May Allah bless the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue, forever more!