Commemorating Workers

As a part of the people, we take the opportunity in May Day not only to have an enjoyable holiday with families and friends, but also to extend our heartiest thanks to all workers for their service to the nation and the people.

Their presence at the heart of the world made everything possible. Their presence made educational process for our next generation convenient. Their presence results in economic development and stability. Their presence improves our social state. Their presence boosts our local and global politics.

Praise be to Allah. Today, we are able to see the way our nation and our people is going – created by our passionate and hardworking workers. We are about to reach the peak of peace and prosperity in due course – as long as our workers continue the momentum they have all this while.

However, we cannot be too negligent and complacent for everything we achieved so far. We are facing economic, social and political challenges from all sides, and counting. Challenges are countless nowadays. We have no choice but to face it by our own with everything we have.

As a part of the people, we believe in the workers’ strength and formula in facing those challenges. Let them find the true strength to face them. We believe, at the same time, that our workers will be able to turn a challenge to a new opportunity of advancement for the nation and the people. Let them use their knowledge and skill for such purpose.

As the same, we believe in the compassion and competency of our present workers. As long as they are compassionate and competent in exercising their duties and responsibilities, we will support them with hearts and hands. We will not let them struggling by their own.

As the core of our nation and our people, they did their job very well. They improved the Key Performance Index of our government departments. They increased the productivity of a private company. They made humanitarian mission a happiness for the needy community. They defended our land, sea and airspace all the day and night to the last blood drop. They protect our people from all kinds of crime.

As a part of the community, there is no word but two words to express our greatest appreciation to the workers – from government departments, companies, associations, independent bodies and international missions – for everything they did whatever befall them: Thank you. We learned from your struggle and sacrifice very much. Our Government is true: “Skilled Workers Drive Economy” – or in Malay, “Pekerja Berkemahiran Penggerak Ekonomi”; even more than economy.

May Allah rewards our workers’ service towards the people, the nation and the world with His Paradise in the Hereafter, as they made our life more convenient.

May Allah bless Malaysia, its friends and their peoples.

May Allah bless the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue; forever more!