Being a Team

March 2016 witnesses the transfer of officials from and to Mahallah as-Siddiq. One of us have been transferred to a new department with a new position – and for that reason, he has been assigned to another Mahallah. At the same time, another one, being a caretaker of two Mahallat, has been sent to our Mahallah to be with us and take care of our Mahallah and our people there.

On behalf of Mahallah as-Siddiq Community, I would like to offer my warmest welcome to the new member, and to thank the outgoing member for his unstoppable dedication towards our Mahallah and our people all this while. It’s a great honour, as the representative of my constituents, to have him in such team. I wish him the best in continuing his duties.

As a team, many duties and responsibilities await us all. Whatever happened and whoever will be joining and leaving this team, we will continue – and together we continue – working together till the end, doing the best for our Mahallah and our University, and giving the best what we have for our Mahallah and our University.

To make this happened, we need to support each other – if it is not as a person, as a professional. The reason is only one: we are all working for the betterment our Mahallah and our University. If my members think that they are working for me, I should state that: I may become your boss or leader, but I am working for our Mahallah and our University – like all of you do. I am a servant of my Mahallah and my University, so my allegiance – as I am in this University – is for my Mahallah and my University.

I understand that my members need me for everything they do – and, yes, I really need you to assist me. Still, we need to understand that our Mahallah and our University need us more than I need you; so my teammates shall share the same loyalty, the same intention – for Allah – and the same sense of belonging – that both belong to us all. That’s the only professional way we can stand and unite as one.

I expect that, through this way, my teammates and I are able continue driving Mahallah as-Siddiq together towards “Generating the True Hope” and according to the mandates provided before. My people is counting on us, so I wish to continue doing the best while urging my team to do so as well by all means.

If my teammates think that they are burdened by duties and responsibilities given to them, I have to say that I bear more burden than you. I am not only the one who lead, manage and control Mahallah – particularly Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC), but also the one who become the second-in-command in both the University Student Leaders’ Assembly (ISLA) and Mahallah Representative Coordination Committee (MRCC).

Thank Allah that the upcoming ISLA of 146 members will sit on 3 April – instead of 13 March – on the Rector’s request and that ISLA is technically prepared to the upcoming sitting. Thank Allah that MRCC, with everyone’s support, is moving smoothly – especially for the upcoming Inter Mahallat Cultural Week (IMCW) – though someone is needed in MRCC to drive inter-Mahallat welfare and wellbeing causes.

I have no option but to play those roles entrusted in me and exercise duties and responsibilities provided in those roles. Therefore, I need a workspace instead of my own room in this Mahallah – and I deserve a place designated by Mahallah as other Mahallah officials and resident representatives deserve.

I care my people very much, so I am there 24 hours per day and 7 days per week – to oversee current situation, attend calls and messages, prepare documents, consult on all kinds of matters, offer any possible kind of help and many more. I am fully responsible for everything happened in my Mahallah in absence of the Principal, fellows and resident officers, so I am there 24-7.

Unfortunately, I am there and hold this responsibility alone at the most of times, while the others are doing the same anywhere else, which leads to negative perception from some concerning parties.

Following this, and believing that MRC shall have its own office again without surrendering what MRC deserved before, the recently-concluded Mahallah Executive Meeting decided that the Mahallah Committee Room will be reopened as soon as possible.

The Committee Room will be the office of MRC, while the Mahallah Meeting Room will remain becoming the chamber of meetings, situation centre, communication centre and the centre driving every initiative, activity or cause endeavoured by Mahallah. Although there is no deadline to do so, I look forward for a good cooperation between all concerning parties on this matter leading to a win-win situation and a smooth transition.

This is one of the way our Mahallah applies Sejahtera Leadership mooted by Professor Tan Sri Dzulkifli Abdul Razak of Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM). Sejahtera Leadership is, indeed, not a new concept, yet a refreshment from the existing National Philosophy of Education.

Tan Sri Dzulkifli, believing in the need of creating a new breed of “courageously-thinking” leaders who are more aligned with the needs and demand of the 21st century, outlined 10 principles of Sejahtera Leadership: spiritual, physio-physical, intellectual, cultural, cognitive, emotional, ethical, ecological, economic and societal aspects – which all of them need to be considered and balanced.

I believe in my people, so with the rights and freedoms given to my people, I expect that Sejahtera Leadership concept will be another guiding principle for my people, my Mahallah and my University to advance in all aspects. I join the Rector and the Deputy Rector for Student Affairs in the same concern brought from the recent University Strategic Leadership Training held in Genting Highlands.

I believe in my people, and my team should believe them too. Reach and meet them, bring them to the ground zero, provide them with all possible types of equipment, nurture new leaders in them by all means and inculcate them with the sense of belonging. Explore their features and create opportunities for them to advance.

Let them know what our Mahallah is about to do and shall do throughout 2016 and 2017. 9 priorities have been proposed for this Mahallah: (1) people’s welfare and wellbeing, (2) maintenance of facilities and amenities, (3) managerial enhancement, (4) production of more committed and talented leader of the people, (5) Usrah Mahallah, (6) improvement of achievements in IIUM Sports Carnival (ISC) and IIUM Inter Mahallat Cultural Week (IMCW) 2016, (7) entrepreneurship, (8) external cooperation, and (9) international-level activity by 2017.

That’s why I ask all Assistant Vice Presidents and Head of Bureaus of MRC – and, even, the Chair of Mahallah Nuqaba’ Committee – to find a number of persons to support their duties and support Mahallah. That’s also why, earlier, I proposed the rejuvenation of Mahallah Executive Meeting and the establishment of the Board of Mahallah as-Siddiq of 11 standing committees jointly led and driven by both Fellow or Resident Officer and a resident representative.

I understand that I have to start the succession plan without any further adieu and without affecting the drive and the mandate of the current Committee. For that reason, it is my honour to announce that at least 2 more residents – among juniors – will be appointed as members of the current Committee for a remaining term by mid-April.

Upon their appointment, they are expected to support the existing members in conducting matters related to inter-Mahallat activities and causes, as well as to reach and meet more residents in need of welfare and wellbeing aids regularly. Members shall have the opportunity to nominate anyone for the existing memberships among residents with Matric Number 152.

Understanding the same, it is my honour to announce a sooner change of the top leadership. Upon this event, such person is expected to strengthen the succession plan, to enhance the present policies and frameworks, and to establish a new guiding principle for the next academic year.

Whatever happened in this Mahallah and this University, I pledge to give and serve both the best. I also pledge to stand by my people’s side to the best of our ability. I wish my team will continue supporting both by sharing the same pledge with me, so our people will retain the trust given to us for some more periods.

I am in this chair because of confidence. I become the Vice Chair of MRCC because of confidence. I become the Deputy Speaker of ISLA because of confidence. I am no one without confidence.

I will remain here as long as I have the confidence and the people has the same in me. Otherwise, I will step down from the chair and sign out of this land immediately.

As long as I am here, I wish to propose or – at least – appreciate attributes of the IIUM Community, so that we would understand the need of the University for the future in a better and more effective way. I also wish that more impacts will come to our Mahallah as a result of everyone’s endeavour in supporting this Mahallah.

To conclude, I thank Mahallah for entrusting me this chair, and for giving me an opportunity to lead the loyal servants of this Mahallah and this University. May Allah forgive all of our trespasses and accept all of our good deeds and services all this while.

Onward march together. May Allah bless Malaysia; and may Allah bless the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue.