Grabbing and Creating Opportunities

As the top leader of my constituents, people's welfare is always my first priority. Let my people experience comfortability and sufficiency as long as they reside in my constituency, so they will be able to live in peace and prosperity.

Alhamdulillah; we did this so far – and will continue doing this to the best of our ability. However, it is not only mine; it is yours as well – as our University is our responsibility – so help us to help you.

Today, we have many welfare channels accessible to our people. Instead of Suspended Meal Programme organised by the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), we have Mahabbah Food Programme driven by Student Affairs and Development Division (STADD). My Head of Welfare and Residential Affairs is driving both programmes at our part.

Our University Mosque is doing their own as well through daily free lunch for those in very dire need. Not only the Mosque, but also one lecturer from one Kulliyyah who have her own team that doing the same nature of duty.

Our University Khairat and Endowment Funds continue operating as usual, serving thousands of our University community members in need of and being eligible for any type of financial assistances.

We are highly glad to have these channels. Still, we cannot depend on those opportunities only. We are in the ASEAN’s time, so we have to be a community of opportunities - where we create opportunities instead of grabbing them.

It is not only by creating small businesses, but also by creating a formal and official platform to learn, analyse and drive ideas and experiences on the ways and means our people may advance.

For those with more ability to create supplementary opportunity at this moment, try the best to make the opportunity happened. Contribute something not only for yourself, but also for the surrounding community. At least, you may provide our people with part-time jobs that will give them some incomes.

For those in contrary, try to grab other opportunities existing in our surrounding. Sharpen every skill we have, especially the skill we expert. At the same time, don’t force the people to help you because the people are in need of help as well. Otherwise, you would be considered as a beggar that we don’t want to produce in this University.

Above all, believe that Allah is the Provider of Sustenance, and ask Him to expand your opportunity to gain more sustenance.

As long as we have the strength, we will provide the best to our people – and we are about to do so. Please let me and my team know in person in case you need our assistance. We are here to serve you, the people...

... and as I am elected as the Deputy Speaker of IIUM Student Leaders' Assembly (ISLA), recently, I look forward to continue standing as one with the Speaker and members of ISLA – and the people in this University, as well as to see a strong movement among the people’s leaders that can bring our people towards generating the true hope.