Being a Part of the ASEAN Community

The day has come. Another history of the world is created.

This is the day the ASEAN Community is established, comprising of 625 million peoples from 10 Member States of ASEAN. It is a result of the Kuala Lumpur Declaration on the Establishment of the ASEAN Community signed by all Heads of State and Government of ASEAN on 22 November 2015 in Kuala Lumpur.

From this day forward, everyone becoming a citizen of an ASEAN Member State will be a part of the ASEAN Community, working for peace and prosperity by all means. Every people and institution existed in ASEAN will play their roles in promoting the ASEAN Community and its uniqueness to the present world.

Being a part of the ASEAN Community is a pride and honour for the citizens of ASEAN Member States.

The establishment of the ASEAN Community increases the strength of ASEAN. It is an avenue where everyone in ASEAN can work, by all possible means, to strengthen regional economic, stabilise regional politics and promote variety of regional cultures and values.

Consequently, the ASEAN Community becomes a macro-scaled coalition that will bring a series of change in the world through the ASEAN Way, where “we dare to dream” and “we care to share”.

To make this happened, all in ASEAN should expand their worldview starting from today. They should realise that they are not only working for their own country, but for an entity bigger than it: ASEAN. At the same time, all should start and continue playing their roles and bearing their responsibilities towards ASEAN: towards peace and prosperity in ASEAN peoples.

If everyone in ASEAN could do this to the best of their ability, ASEAN will become an economic, political and socio-cultural superpower in the world that promoting peace and prosperity in its peoples.