When 1436 Hijrah Ends

Celebrating the New Hijri Year

Happy New Hijri Year.

Welcome to the new volume of your life encyclopaedia. Congratulations for your success in completing the past one, last year.

Embrace the gratitude in your heart. At this moment, among billions of peoples dreaming to live longer, you have been the chosen one by Allah SWT to continue your life and, of course, to continue compiling your life story in its new volume.

Don’t forget some of us who are no longer in this world. Some of them died from diseases. Some of them died from accidents. Some of them died in their struggle in defending Islam and their national sovereignty.

On this opportunity, I share my sorrow, memory and prayer with those affected by this great loss.

Let’s pray to Allah SWT that He will replace the one who left us with someone valuable for us; that He will descend His Grace and Mercy upon the deceased; and that He will ascend their level in His Paradise.

Being Grateful for the Great Grant

For those who are chosen by Allah SWT to continue their life, again, be thankful to Him at all times for this great grant.

This kind of gift enables us to continue and add more stories in our life encyclopaedia.

Everyone deserves the right of writing, editing and completing his life encyclopaedia by his own way, no matter it is a good one or otherwise, throughout his life.

As long as there is a life for us, there will be a chance for us. Therefore, let’s use the given chance to make our story, there, a good and beneficial one, containing full of righteousness; not only for our own benefit, but also for the others’ benefit.

Unfortunately, we don’t deserve that chance at all times. We will never miss one sin though we never intend to do it, so let’s seek His Forgiveness continuously and make any possible effort in order to change our sins into rewards. Allah SWT has spoken the truth in al-Quran, “Indeed, good deeds do away with misdeeds.”

Bidding Farewell to the Past Year

Today, we bid farewell to the Hijri Year of 1436. In meaning, it’s already 1,436 years since the day our Messenger SAW and his loyal companions reached Madinah after going through a long and historic journey of Hijrah from Makkah.

It was a very challenging journey yet containing full of noble values left by our Messenger SAW and his loyal companions.

The Muhajireen left everything in Makkah to build a new life in Madinah.

The Ansar accepted the Muhajireen wholeheartedly in Madinah and, thus, gave everything they have to support the Muhajireen. Allah SWT immortalise the good deeds of the Ansar in al-Quran, “They give preference over themselves, even though they are in privation”.

They lived in Madinah with the high spirit of friendship, unity and brotherhood. Consequently, the State of Madinah, the first Islamic state in the world, led by our Messenger SAW, is established successfully by virtue of the Constitution of Madinah, the first written national constitution in the world.

With these spirits, they loved each other. When the time comes, they joined together; they left everything. They tried their best to defend the State of Madinah. They tried their best to protect our Messenger SAW from being attacked by the enemy. They tried their best to uphold the name of Islam to the highest level, believing that “Islam is the Highest, nothing shall be higher than Islam”.

Today, the Hijrah journey remains a history of Islam, not only to be learned and heeded by all of us, but to be implemented in our life

As a Part of IIUM

As a part of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), I learned from this history and I try my best to apply it in my life, not only as a student and as your leader, but also as a staff and a member of IIUM Community.

This University is a land of Muhajireen. We are all Muhajireen in this land as we come from various places all over the world. We leave our hometowns to seek the Pleasure of Allah SWT, to continue our duty as His vicegerent, and to continue our journey in seeking knowledge and virtue.

On those reasons, I join you here.

Being a part of IIUM is a blessing for me personally.

Here is the place where I learn and find the true meaning of love.

Because of love, I pledge to bear the true faith and allegiance to this University and to preserve, protect and defend its Constitution.

Because of love, I strive to perform better for a better future.

Because of love, I represent you all, students of IIUM residing in Mahallah as-Siddiq, and, thus, become your President. As of that, I try my best to support this University, particularly this Mahallah, in taking good care of your welfare and wellbeing, in providing accessible facilities and quality services, and in organising activities catering societal needs.

Because of love, I follow the ASEAN Way; that I dare to dream; I care to share.

Because of love, I extend my hearts and hands to everyone possible according to the best of my ability.

Even so, those duties and responsibilities are not mine at all.

Let me reiterate my words: Don’t left this Mahallah managing and developing itself alone; and don’t let those tasks go to the Mahallah Authority and the Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) only.

Your Mahallah is your responsibility, so you are all leaders in this Mahallah. Everyone residing in and affiliated to this Mahallah should realise this.

Let’s learn from the Hijrah history and apply it in our life in this University, particularly this Mahallah.

The Next Plan of MRC as-Siddiq

Learning from the same, MRC as-Siddiq will continue its endeavour towards “Generating the True Hope” by driving four strategies: To commemorate basic principles; to energising the synergy; to improvise vital amenities and services; and to produce the Champion of the Community.

MRC as-Siddiq has a couple of months to fulfil its vision and accomplish its missions before its dissolution, so MRC as-Siddiq will use these months to come out with more services and activities covering the needs of this community.

As the current tenure of MRC will come to the end, MRC for 2016 will come soon. It will comprise of 13 members who will work hard for the next 365 days, to give the best to this Mahallah through its services and activities.

I would like to take this moment to announce that the nomination for MRC 2016 membership will be opened soon.

This Mahallah wants Resident Representatives who learn and apply the spirit of Hijrah left by our Messenger SAW.

This Mahallah wants Residents Representatives who can bear true faith and allegiance to the University.

This Mahallah wants Resident Representatives who can come out with more creative and innovative efforts in order to establish a better Siddiq Falcon Community.

This Mahallah wants Resident Representatives who can manage performance and delivery in a quality way.

You might be the one who will join MRC as-Siddiq for 2016.

Our Hope

As your leader, we tried our best, so join us, give the best to yourselves and this land of you.

It is not only by participating in Mahallah activities, but more than that.

We want to establish the peace, harmony and tranquillity in this land, so please be cooperative in this matter. Pay our respect to each other. Share your concern with the others. Provide any possible assistance to the others in case they need it.

Don’t tarnish your name and the name of this University, particularly this Mahallah, with your unpleasant words and actions. Those might be the reason that bar our aim to establish a better future community.

Take good care of your health, safety and cleanliness. Don’t litter your rubbish anywhere out of the bin. Don’t pluck any flower or leaf planted by our dedicated landscaper. Don’t make any damage to any facility and amenity provided by this University in this Mahallah.

In case you concerning something in this Mahallah, please, by all means, tell this Mahallah. Your Mahallah is always by your side. In case you need any help, our hands are always here.

No Success without Sacrifice

Learning from the Hijrah history and spirit, we pledge to give all of you the best for this new Hijri year.

In return, please help us to help you by all means.

Remember; there is no success without sacrifice, so sacrifice something in order to get something, even though you love it the most.

Remember; there is no unity without love. Therefore, share your love with the others, so the others will love you. Our Messenger SAW had spoken the truth in a Hadith, “Share your love with those living in the world. In return, those living in the sky will share their love with you.”

Remember; there is no strength without unity, so let’s share our hearts and hands; together we establish a united and integrated society in order to gain more strength to face more challenges in the future.

Welcoming all to the New Hijri Year

On this opportunity, I would like to welcome all of you to the Hijri Year of 1437. Let us greet the Hijri Year of 1437.

Let us leave the past and walk together for a better future; for a better world. Here is the start before we move further.

As long as I have the support of everyone, I will continue serving you by all means.

At this opportunity, I would like to thank everyone for continue supporting me socially, economically and politically; especially the past and current Principal, Fellows, Resident Officers, Staff Members, Resident Representatives and the rest in this University.

Allow me also to take this opportunity to thank my family members, comrades and friends, everywhere they are, for their great and non-stop support during my life, especially my tenure as the President of MRC as-Siddiq, IIUM.

May Allah reward them for every support, by any mean, they give to me.

May Allah forgive our sins in the past, this and the coming years.

May Allah remain love and hope in us all.

May Allah bless us all.

May Allah bless this University and its peoples.

May Allah bless Malaysia and its friends.

President, MRC as-Siddiq (Gombak), IIUM

13 October 2015