State of the Committee

It has been 7 months since 2 February, the first day of Mahallah as-Siddiq Representative Committee of the University for 2015. As this Committee has at least 2 more months to do its best, the Committee will continue trying its best to complete our challenge stated in our Strategic Plan.

The Committee is going forward towards “Generating the True Hope”. To make it a true, we have four strategies. They are: (1) Commemorating Basic Principles; (2) Energising the Synergy; (3) Improvising Vital Amenities and Services; and (4) Producing the Champion of the Community. Under these strategies, the Committee planned a number of activities that will bring benefit to the Mahallah at large.

So far, this Committee managed to organise 6 programmes covering various aspects of life, including sports, entrepreneurship and education. These exclude 5 more programmes, where this Mahallah became a co-organiser and a participant. Congratulations to my members of the Committee for making those programmes meaningful records to the University and the Mahallah.

Out of those programmes, this Committee views that Brotherhood Tour @ IIUM Kuantan, in collaboration with Mahallah Ruqayyah and all Mahallat in IIUM Kuantan Campus, marked a notable success for the University and the Mahallah. The reason is only one; because, through that kind of programme, we re-establish the diplomatic relationship between MRCs in IIUM Gombak and Kuantan Campuses.

Mahallah as-Siddiq Suhoor Visit done in the blessed month of Ramadhan should deserve the same salute. Despite of the time for everyone to going back their hometown for Eid al-Fitr celebration, this Committee managed to distribute all foods to their subjects as well as our University security personnel working at the midnight to ensure of safety and security.

The same salute goes to Mahallah Ukhuwwah Day done last Syawal. That was a celebration where we commemorate Syawal and August together, and where we share the joy in being an ignited and united IIUM Community.

We will continue achieving more and better than the past. We will continue organising quality activities for the University, particularly for the Mahallah. We will continue serving around 800 residents of this Mahallah by all means.

We will continue as long as we can sit and stand together, walking with the same step, going towards the peak of success. Let us pray to Allah SWT that He will continue assisting us in undertaking everything.

At this opportunity, we would like to extend our appreciation to all parties for making everything possible, especially the Principal and all Fellows of this Mahallah.

Above all, we present our utmost praise and gratitude to the Almighty Allah for consenting and easing everything we had in the past.

President, MRC as-Siddiq, IIUM Gombak Campus

5 September 2015