Welcoming Message in conjunction with Taaruf Week 2015, Centre for Foundation Studies, IIUM

Taaruf Week 2012, Centre for Foundation Studies, IIUM.
(Photo: Mohd. Shafiq Hasbollah)

Welcome, new intake students, to the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), the Premier International Islamic Research University!

Congratulations for being selected as a part of IIUM Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS), the Gateway to the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue. Embrace the pride and gratitude in your heart for getting this chance.

As the best among the best, we are responsible of shaping our personality, building our performance and modelling our future community.

As the torchbearers of the Ummah, by all possible means, let us do our best. Let us continue improving our physical, mental and spiritual ability for our survival in the future.

Let us make IIUM a better place for everyone to seek knowledge and wisdom.

The Garden of Knowledge and Virtue consists of quality services and accessible facilities. As a member of IIUM community, let us take good care of them.

Other than that, it also comprises of exemplary administrators, dedicated educators, committed staff members and helpful student leaders. Thus, let us take advantage from them.

Last but not least, as a part of IIUM Community, let us share our respect with each other. Let us love in difference and unite in diversity.

Dear newcomers, have a pleasant stay and a successful journey in IIUM.

May Allah SWT bless us all; and may Allah bless IIUM.

At this chance, I would like to acknowledge everyone – managers, teachers, officers, comrades and friends – for being a part of my life in CFS IIUM, last couple of years.

President, MRC as-Siddiq (Gombak), IIUM

31 May 2015