Our Love and Hope

With Hearts and Hands

With glowing hearts, we see the night sky of the beautiful and sustainable Kuantan.

We bring our joyful hearts and grateful hands going through a journey of 236 kilometres from Sungai Pusu, Gombak to Indera Mahkota, Kuantan with the noble aim of friendship and brotherhood.

We extend our utmost gratitude and praise to Allah SWT for consenting our gathering here. We are nothing without Him. We, even, cannot do anything without His Permission.

At the same time, we send our best wishes to our Messenger, Muhammad SAW, the one who dedicate his greatest love to Islam and the Muslim Ummah.

We thank you, peoples of IIUM Kuantan Campus, for receiving us here.

It’s an honour for us – delegates of Mahallah as-Siddiq and Mahallah Ruqayyah, IIUM Gombak Campus – to be with you.

Integrate with the Internationals

It’s also an honour for internationals to be with us in view of principles of Integration and Internationalisation laid down by the University.

We are so glad to be with them.

From them, we are able to learn more things about their countries, their communities, their characteristics, their histories and their futures.

In return, they will be able to understand Malaysia, its history, its community, its principles, its characteristics and its future.


It’s also a pleasure for some of us to reunite with our comrades and friends, members of MRC 2012-2014 of IIUM Petaling Jaya Campus.

We thank you for joining us here despite of your busy schedules.

IIUM Petaling Jaya Campus has its own colourful history. It’s a place where IIUM started its history in 1983, and where the Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) situated and operated until today.

Although it’s just a small place, it contains many memories for us.

There, we knew each other; we worked together for either a small or a big project; we understood and followed our direction; we applied guiding principles; we shared ideas and experiences; and we exchanged love and hope.

That’s MRC, on that time, means.

Today, we are no longer there.

We left CFS to continue our journey towards the success.

We left CFS with sweet and sour memories.

We left CFS with something not to be remembered, but to be learned and applied in the future, for the goodness of our IIUM community.

Although this is for a while, Alhamdulillah, we get together again.

Personally, I am so fortunate to have them during my time in CFS. As their ex-counterpart, I am so indebted to them. They were everything for me, on that time.

Dear my comrades and friends, thank you very much for being a part of my life.

Being as One

Today, with the Grace of Allah, we are able to get together.

Therefore, let’s embrace the pride and gratitude in our heart.

IIUM, we are bonded as one.

Today, we gather as one IIUM community regardless of where we come from, which campus we belong to and which Kulliyyah we attend.

Although we are separated by the distance and differentiated by the place, we still share some similarities.

We live under the same umbrella. We share the same direction. We stick to the same guiding principles. We sing the same song.

Kuantan: Generating the True Hope

Still, we cannot deny that you, peoples of IIUM Kuantan Campus, are so special.

That’s one of the reasons we come here, to share and commemorate your specialties.

Again, please accept my deepest gratitude to all of you for receiving us here. We are overwhelmed with your fondness and hospitality.

However, we are here not only with that kind of reason.

Brotherhood Tour @ IIUM Kuantan

For Mahallah as-Siddiq, this kind of tour – Brotherhood Tour @ IIUM Kuantan – was considered a part of Mahallah as-Siddiq Strategic Plan 2015.

Under the notion of “Generating the True Hope”, Mahallah as-Siddiq aims to energise the synergy by establishing external relations.

This tour is one of activities planned under this initiative.

This tour was planned since mid-February, together with Mahallah Ruqayyah, and followed by all Mahallat here. It go through meetings, discussions, phone calls, online chats and correspondences.

The Courtesy Call upon the Principal of Mahallah Khalid al-Walid and the 14 March Meeting were made a good start for this tour.

Alhamdulillah. We turn our dream becoming a reality. We managed to meet pioneers of these new Mahallat as we reached this campus.

Sharing with the Pioneers

Therefore, allow us to take this opportunity of congratulating you for being the pioneers of Mahallah Khalid al-Walid, Mahallah Fatimah az-Zahra and Mahallah Ummu Kalthum.

As the founding community of those Mahallat, you are so fortunate.

In accordance to your needs as future multi-disciplinary scientists, you deserved the state-of-the-art residential colleges, consisting of tall blocks, and containing of updated facilities and better utilities. We are sure that you are so grateful for being entitled to these.

As the founding generation of those Mahallat, we look forward to know your Mahallah and you, as well as to learn new ideas and experiences from every one of you here.

In return, we will share with you our ideas and experiences in managing and developing our Mahallat and its residents.

This type of sharing and understanding is very crucial for the benefit of MRC.

MRC is always in need of enhancement. In order to enhance, in our view, we need to be together with the others though being independent has no problem.

Togetherness is very important for us, as it is a key of success. Therefore, we look forward to be together with you through a smart partnership between residential student leaders in IIUM Gombak and Kuantan.

For the moment, Alhamdulillah, IIUM Gombak-Kuantan Mahallah Representatives’ Assembly as well as this tour, at large, has been a successful smart partnership.

Our Deepest Gratitude

It will not be realised unless with the presence and willing of everyone who make this tour and this Assembly a reality. Therefore, please accept our greatest gratitude.

For those who are able to come with us, today, I would like to thank you.

For my beloved comrades and friends, please accept my highest gratitude from deep of my heart.

Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for standing by me from last time until today. Thank you for teaching me everything.

For those who contribute their efforts in maintaining diplomacy between peoples of IIUM whenever and wherever they are, you deserved the highest appreciation.

As a human, I am imperfect like you. Thus, I am humbly apologise for everything happened at the past.

Please forgive us all for everything that affect us negatively.

We pray to Allah SWT that He will forgive our sins and mistakes; that He will reward every one of us for our efforts of maintaining brotherhood and friendship between us all; and that He will grant us His Mercy, Amnesty and Love.

Long live IIUM. Long live Darul Makmur.

President, MRC as-Siddiq (Gombak), IIUM

IIUM Gombak-Kuantan Mahallah Representatives' Assembly 2015
Saturday, 18 April 2015
ALT 3, Kulliyyah of Science, IIUM, Kuantan, Pahang