MH 370: A Grief Voice

With deepest melancholy and highest depression, I learned from the conclusion issued by the Prime Minister, last night – after detailed investigation made by the United Kingdom – that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, which disappeared on 8 March, ended in the southern Indian Ocean. Following the conclusion, I also sorrowfully learned that no one among 227 passengers and 12 crews of MH 370 survived the incident.

Following the news, as a frequent flyer, I learned from Allah SWT in al-Quran that no one knows what will be happened on the next day, and no one knows where someone will die. For that, I want to remind all – including myself, to turn back to Allah SWT by abiding by His Orders and staying away from His Prohibitions.

Therefore, I am here, on behalf of my family members, to offer my humblest condolence to those who are affected by this tragic incident. I am here also to express my deepest grief and greatest sorrowfulness for the fate of MH 370.

On this moment of grief, I urge all peoples to share our sorrowfulness, remembrance and condolence with everyone who are affected with this tragic incident. I also call on all peoples to pray to Allah SWT for His Blessings, Amnesty and Love towards all of us, especially victims of MH 370, their family members and friends; and for our strength and patience in facing these sad days.

On this opportunity also, I would like to appreciate and value those who are involved in searching and rescuing flight MH 370. I wish Allah SWT would reward their sacrifice and assistance with His Grace.

Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
25 March 2014