Welcoming Speech for the QLD Arabic Debate Championship 2013, CFS IIUM

On behalf of the Arabic Debate Club (ADC), Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), I welcome you all to the final debate and the closing ceremony of the Quranic Language Department (QLD) Arabic Debate Championship 2013.

We praise and thank Allah SWT; for His grace and assistance. He gives us this golden opportunity yo hold the QLD Arabic Debate Championship 2013.

For your information, this programme is organized by QLD, Quranic Language Enhancement Programme (QLEP) Committee and ADC under provision of the Office of the Deputy Dean (Student Development). This programme made as an opportunity for the foundation students of IIUM that love and want to deliver his/her talk and speech in Arabic language, by the aim to find new experiences, and to improve and develop language skills in education, work and leadership; for instance, communication skills, critical and creative thinking skills (CCTS), and language usage management skills. There is a quote that the debate is not our culture, but in my opinion, the debate is suitable to be a culture for every people, so they will able to think, speak and learn better.

This debate - that conducted since Friday, 26 April - was attended by 47 debaters - among Multilevel Arabic Language (LQM) students and Arabic Language for International Communication (ARCOM) students - representing 12 teams; with an objective to improve speaking skills and CCTS. We take this opportunity to congratulate and thank every debater for their participation, passion and effort throughout this championship.

This competition also made successful by 17 committee members and 15 adjudicators since 26 April. I thank them for their best effort and contribution in managing and judging this competition. In this competition, I'm overwhelmed when 2 representatives from the Malay Debate Club (KDBM) in this campus of IIUM join us in managing this competition, especially in tabulating debates. For that, we present our gratitude and appreciation to KDBM for their great assistance in making this competition successful. We also want to present our gratitude to the members of Arabic Debate and Public Speaking Club, IIUM Gombak, for their support towards this competition. We wish Allah will reward their good deeds towards us.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the Office of the Deputy Dean (Student Development), CFS IIUM, especially the Speech and Interpersonal Communication Enhancement (SPICE) Unit, for their physical and mental support until we can make this competition successful. Verily, our success in organizing this programme encourage IIUM, especially CFS, be efforts from the Deputy Dean (Student Development), to make and sustain debate as the co-curricular niche area for IIUM.

Last but not least, I thank everyone that assist and join this competition directly and not directly; and we are sorry for mistakes and faults done by me and my committee members throughout this competition. Verily, good thing come from Allah SWT, and bad things come from us, but both things actually come from Allah SWT.

Before I end my speech, I advise you all and myself to support principle of Comprehensive Excellence that stated in IIUM principles of IIICE by supporting debate activity as our university niche area. I believe, with supports from all, debate activity will prevail as co-curricular niche area of IIUM.

See you in the next debate with our new students. ADC Advisor just told me that the next debate will be done in the state of Inter Kulliyyah. So, please be ready!

"We will unite together as long as we can defend dignity of our religion, our race and our nation because there is our key of success."