Diplomatic Note to All My Comrades

Respectable brothers and sisters,
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

First and foremost, let us praise and glorify Allah SWT for our good and prosperous life today. It was brought to us by the Grace of Allah SWT. Let us also convey our heartiest greetings to our Apostle, Muhammad SAW, his family and comrades.

I thank you all for choose me as your friend, and maybe as your comrade. I know that to establish and sustain the friendship and comradeship is not easy. It's hard. I felt hard to find someone to be my friend even I've friends and comrades already in many places throughout Malaysia, and several outside the federation. When I found that he/she is my friend/comrade, then I felt that to sustain and maintain the relationship is hardier than to find friends and comrades.

So, we hope we can establish friendship and companionship among us. We're brothers and sisters in Islam. If I'm not your friend/comrade, remember, we're brothers and sisters in Islam. Let we continue the brotherhood and sisterhood among us. Although we have many difference among us, we still have similarities among us. Our God is One, Allah. Our religion is one, Islam. Our worship path (Qiblat) is one, Kaabah. Our planet that we live in is one, Earth. Let we unite. Unity bears the fruit of unification.

I understand that we have similarities and differences among us. So, let us always introduce and know among each other. No ending in knowing our friends and comrades but the death. Do understand among each other so the unification and the union may be realized among us. If we thing our friend/comrade ask for assistance, do help him/her. I know that we can deserve the best in brotherhood and friendship.

To my friends in my kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, we have our path now. Allah gives us options and we choose it. I hope we choose the best path for our life. We want to excel in the world and in the hereafter. In the same time, we have to maintain the good things at us. Inversely, we have to correct ourselves for our bad things. Remember, we are not the perfect one. We have good and bad attitude in our life. So, take care of ourselves first and sometimes take care also of our friends. Those who still in study, let us strive to excel in the institute. We can deserve the best. The better educational background, the better the future, but in future, Allah is everything. So do always ask Allah to help us realize our dreams. We only effort and Allah is the judge in our life. In friendship, don't forget to honour first our parents, families, relatives and teachers, but do honour among us. Finally, let we pray for our success in our life.

That's all in my 'diplomatic note'. I convey this message to all my comrades and friends, also to all the brothers and sisters, especially in Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Thank you for allowing my message for your attention. I allowed you all to convey this message to the others. Remember, especially to my comrades, remember; for God, I love you.

Yours faithfully,
(My Sign Automatic)
Awang Abdul Muizz Awang Marusin
23 June 2012